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Is it a jacket? Is it a shirt? It’s quite possible that it’s neither…   Inspired by Japanese workwear, the Noragi fits into an elusive corner of the outerwear group. Neither jacket nor shirt, it can be worn year-round for a relaxed and loose feel. When was the last time you found something that isn’t seasonal and doesn’t get hidden away for a year until next winter comes around? Throw our Noragi over a tee in the summer or layer up in the winter.   Made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, we’ve aimed to find the perfect combination of fit, feel and sustainability with materials that will loosen and soften with every wear and start to create character...

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The Ballo Beach Club Hemp Rugby jersey capsule drop at Rowing Blazers NYC

Ballo is an Ethical Fashion brand. Established in 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa, we began producing handmade eyewear from recycled and upcycled materials. Using offcuts of wood, cork, African wax fabrics, recycled paper, horn, hemp and linen in our frames to facilitate local businesses in moving towards Zero Waste. In 2015 we began producing small runs of clothing from end-of-roll interior design fabrics. Ballo recently launched a range of clothing from exclusively natural fibre fabrics (hemp and linen) under a sub brand, the Ballo Beach Club. The maiden voyage of the Ballo Beach Club will be the drop of a capsule of hemp clothing and Eyewear at THE ROWING BLAZERS CLUBHOUSE, 161 Grand Street, Soho, NYC on Tuesday 13 November. ...

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Coming soon....Buffalo Horn frames

Domestic Buffalo horn is one of the earliest materials used to make eyewear. It is an organic by-product of domestic water buffalo farming and is sourced without any harm coming to the animals.  As with any other pair of Ballo, you can rock these horn frames with either CR39 tinted lenses or fit them with your own prescription.  *Picture: Dewey shape 

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