Introducing the Surfpop Foundation and Kids sunglasses

We've finally decided to launch some indestructible eyewear for kids.We are launching 2 cork ropey frames, the Sand and the Swell. Both built for life outdoors with no temples (arms) to snap off, just ropes that can be fastened around the head with lock toggles. As with all ropeys, you can't lose them and you can't break them. And they float...

10% of the revenue from the sale of these frames will be donated to the Surfpop Foundation. Surfpop focuses on education, nutrition and surfing as they give children from South African townships the best chance at living life to the fullest: active, healthy and in touch with nature. This way Surfpop also gives them the best platform to access sustainable employment after school, thus truly lifting themselves out of poverty and positively impacting their family and community.



Ballo Surfpop

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