Ballo is committed to goodness. Our mission is to make unique sunglasses and goods that are handmade from sustainable materials and put the planet before profit.

With a desire to reconnect humans with nature and inspired by the outdoors, Alistair Barnes founded Ballo in 2013. Barnes previously had some experience with a US based wooden sunglass brand, that was marketed as being made in the USA, but was actually made in China. This deception prompted Alistair to start Ballo. Authentic, sustainable and handmade in Cape Town, South Africa.

In South Africa, there is an extremely high level of unemployment. This leads to poverty, homelessness and crime. Making a pair of Ballo sunglasses uses a unique combination of 23 hand crafted processes. This means that to make more sunglasses, Ballo employs and empower more people.

Since Ballo opened they have only used recycled and upcycled materials in their frames. Wood offcuts, recycled paper, fabric offcuts and the new range is made of bio-resin, end-of-roll canvas and cork that is offcuts from wine bottle cork production.

Ballo spreads good vibes by partnering with and supporting causes we believe in. Some of these causes: Environment (contributing members of 1% for the Planet & GreenPop), Gender Equality (1% of turnover donated to Women for Change & Langa For Men) and Education (supporters of SurfPop & Sentinel Ocean Alliance).

We hope that every pair of Ballo communicates these principles to customers through the feeling of the product in their hands, the energy that surrounds the brand and the story that comes with every product. We want customers to look good, feel good and do good.