Ballo frames are handmade in Woodstock, Cape Town. At the core of every eyewood frame is a unique combination of recycled paper and off-cut timber, which are laminated together with a bio resin. This gives our frames durability and allows any pair of Ballo to be fit with prescription lenses. We then finish each pair with either off-cut timber; up cycled Denim; ShweShwe or domestic Buffalo horn. Each frame is fitted with either high quality polarized or CR39 UV400 reflective mirror lenses, and spring hinges.

Eyewood come with a microfiber Ballo bag, to keep lenses clean, and an upcycled cardboard box, for protection. Eyewood come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing faults.

The world looks better through Ballo.

Ballo is designed and made in Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa. We started producing wooden sunglasses or eyewood, as we like to call them, in early 2013.

Every pair of eyewood is made by hand. We combine 25 processes to produce each frame. The combination of craftsmanship and natural materials makes each pair of eyewood unique.

Our frames are made from recycled paper and off-cut timber from local furniture producers. We try to be as friendly to the environment as we are to customers.

Every pair of eyewood come with 100% polarised lenses or CR39 UV400 revo mirror lenses for enhanced glare reduction and superior eye protection. Eyewood provide clear crisp vision.

Every Ballo frame can be fitted with RX or prescription  lenses. This service can be requested on order or done post-purchase by your optometrist.


6 months of R&D resulted in a unique combination of 25 processes, each done by hand or a hand operated machines. Our frames each receive a lot of love. Enjoy them.