Ropeys- Can’t lose them. Can’t break them.

The old cliche- "less is more" springs to mind…and yes, less materials = more sustainable. And more durable and more vibe than any eyewear that have come before them...

What happens to sunglasses? They break or they get lost. Well, this is what we mostly hear from returning customers… Ropeys solve these issues.

Ropeys are just frame, high quality lenses and rope. No arms. The ropes tighten around your head with lock toggles and can then be adjusted to sit on your head or hang around your neck. Ropeys are built to move- skating, trail running, mountain biking, beaching, jolling or just being a parent. They’ll stay on your face all day and when the sun goes down, just let them hang.

All frames are made with cork and advertising billboard. An extremely durable and sustainable combination. Bend them, sit on them, hug people… no worries. And they float!