Sustainability Promise

We aim to be a driver of positive change within the eyewear and fashion industry. Introducing alternative materials and production techniques, giving back to our environment and community and striving for zero waste. 

We take responsibility for the impact our actions have on the environment, and strive to reduce that impact. This has been our goal since we launched in 2013 and we are already climate positive. We have achieved this by planting trees, giving back and using upcycled materials and refurbished machinery to make our frames.

In addition, we give back to communities and societies we exist in by: constantly reviewing and improving our value chain; looking after our employees and customers; and partnering with like minded businesses and causes.

Please read more about our partners and initiatives we support below.

We contribute 1% of turnover 🌍

1% for the Planet represents a global network of businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues.

And another 1% for Gender Equality

In support of UNSDG 5 we will be donating 1% of turnover to NGO's that combat gender based violence in South Africa.

Current sales will be supporting Langa for Men and Women for Change.


The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals have set forward an agenda for sustainable development.

After going through each of the goals, we have chosen a few that align with our company, local context and sphere of influence.

We plan to continue to have a positive effect on these from design to production and through social responsibility in intiatives.

In addition to Goal 5 (mentioned above) the goals and causes we support are as follows:

Goals 9 & 12 - Ballo

See Things Differently

At Ballo our entire ethos is to see things differently. We use old machines and pre-waste materials in innovative ways to make unique upcycled products. Always putting the planet first.

Then we try to communicate this to consumers in a way that might help them see and do things differently too.

Even if they don't buy our product, we hope that we can help individuals and industry be more responsible.

Goals 13 & 15 - Planet

Take Action

Since 2013 we have been planting a tree for every pair of Ballo we sell through our website. This is to help restore local forests and offset the carbon used in shipping (this makes our shipping carbon neutral).

Our tree planting partners are the wonderful team at GreenPop and we have planted over 2600 trees with them so far.

As mentioned earlier also a contributimng member to 1% For The Planet and the incredible network of intermational climate activists they support.

Goals 4 & 14 - Education

New Perspectives

We believe that the ultimate way to foster a love for the environment is through education and engagement.

To this end we support two local NGOs that opperate in this space- SurfPop & the Sentinel Ocean Alliance both offer education support and environmental engagement.

Morning classes and afternoon rockpool excursions, beach cleanups and surf lessons. Climate warriors in training...

Looking to the future

Sustainability is not a destination, it's a journey. We don't feel like we've arived because we use responsible business practices, recycled materials and partner with organizations that have direct imapct on key environmental or social issues.

We adapt as we learn and conditions change. At Ballo we are constantly looking for ways to improve and help where we can. Please let us know if you have any ideas or feedback via our contact page.

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