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Please note
 Ballo products are eligible for DUTY FREE import to the USA under the AGOA Agreement. Yip, that’s right NO federal Taxes. It is possible that your state may charge some tax- in the past this has always been less than 1%.

All frames:
1. can be fit with prescription/RX lenses b y any optometrist
2. are available with other lens options on request, eg. Lens colour tints / mirror lens / Polarized lenses (prices may vary)

Typical Order Terms: 
- Minimum Orders: 20 frames 
- Prices exclude shipping and duties 
- Payment & shipping: 50% deposit for order to be placed & other 50% + shipping to be paid before order is shipped

Production times:
20-40 Frames = 1-2 weeks
40-80 Frames = 2-4 weeks
80-200 Frames = 4-6 weeks

Please CONTACT US with any questions or to place your order