Forever T-Shirt

R 680.00

Handmade in Cape Town using undyed, unbleached African cotton. 

The only T-shirt you’ll ever need. A sustainable (forever) take on the classic white T.
Small batch production with durable workwear stitching and heavy duty cotton- built to last a long long long time.

Fabric: 100% natural Cotton 220gsm 

Colour: Warm-white (cotton's natural colour)

Fit: Relaxed unisex fit 

Branding: Small ballo/wave tab on side seam

Most fabric bleaching and dyeing processes use chemicals that are extremely harmful to the environment if not processed correctly (and they are usually not). These chemicals are most likely to end up in a stream or river before flowing onto the ocean. By using undyed and unbleached cotton in its warm-white natural colour we avoid use of these chemicals... we give you cotton as nature intended.

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