Over the past few months Ballo been working with local artist Atang Tshikare, Atang is the first in the new Artist Eyewood Program (AEP).  

The AEP was started out of a few conversations with Atang, we have always respected and supported each others work and it was only a matter of time before we collaborated. AEP has been 6 months in the making and after prototyping we settled on what you see in the image above- quality wood veneer with the artist's design etched into the top half of the frame and temples.

The Ballo Artist Eyewood Program is a wonderful platform for us to work with some fellow creators that we admire and we hope that the collaboration with Atang is the first of many.

We are limiting production of each design to 50 and 20% of turnover on AEP frames goes directly to the artist.


AEP in the box- box lids will be engraved with pattern to match frames


AEP prototype frames.

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