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When I was at university Blogs were big and the first (and pretty much only) blog I discovered that I liked was It was a fresh source for all things design from Solar powered Spaceships to plastic eating robots.

Recently I flew to New York city to show my products at NYNOW trade show. A massive show with thousands of brands and businesses trying to attract orders. I wrote some orders and had some fun. On the third day of the show when we were about to close and I was about to fall asleep someone came up to me and asked if I was bored. I said, “yes, incredibly bored”. He said, “well why don’t you show me your products”. We had a fun chat and laughed about the sad state of design when designers are selling curated waste to each other. 

Then he said that he was the CEO of Design Milk and asked if I’d like to sell my products on their platform.

I said yes and said we'd plant a tree for every pair sold on through Design Milk. Then I flew home, pledged to plant 10 trees for my flight there and 10 trees for my flight back with Greenpop.

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