Feed 1 person in need for 1 month with R50 donation with CBD CAN

We are working with Cape Town CBD Community Action Network (CAN). They are helping us distribute 1 for 1 mask donations.

They are also doing an incredible project getting the most vulnerable people in Khayelitsha fed.

You can feed 1 person for 1 month with a R50 donation!

CBD CAN has teamed up with the Khayelitsha CAN has worked with local community leaders to identify the 200 of the most vulnerable families in the informal settlements Azania, Qandu-Qandu, Island and Site B-Ward 90. Donate R50 to feed a person for month. 100% of the proceeds will go directly the Khayelitsha CAN who is working directly with a wholesaler.

They are running a zero overhead community driven project. R400 provides following parcel: 10 kgs (22 lbs) of Rice, 10 kgs Flour, 10 kg Mielie Meal, 10 kg Sugar, 2l Cooking Oil, 4 varieties of tinned food and enough soap for a month.

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