Is it a jacket? Is it a shirt? It’s quite possible that it’s neither…


Inspired by Japanese workwear, the Noragi fits into an elusive corner of the

outerwear group. Neither jacket nor shirt, it can be worn year-round for a

relaxed and loose feel. When was the last time you found something that isn’t

seasonal and doesn’t get hidden away for a year until next winter comes

around? Throw our Noragi over a tee in the summer or layer up in the winter.


Made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, we’ve aimed to find the

perfect combination of fit, feel and sustainability with materials that will loosen

and soften with every wear and start to create character with age.

Traditionally, Japanese farmers and workers have worn the Noragi for its

versatility but also the fact that it was quick to throw on before starting work

and loose enough to not restrict movement. Sometimes designed with 3/4

sleeves, we have opted for a full-length arm that can be rolled.


Like most workwear staples, the Noragi has become a streetwear icon with

the influence of Japanese culture in utilitarian street style and clothing. Not to

be confused with the Kimono, the Noragi is certainly a more practical option,

with a hem that sits on the hip and sleeves that taper towards the wrists.


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