The shop…or is it the workshop? Maybe it’s the Work-Shop or even the Work/Shop.
Whatever it is, Ballo has a new home at 54 Newmarket Street.

We have recently made the move from our original space in Woodstock to, well…another
space in Woodstock. This time bigger, better and more inspiring than before, we have found
ourselves in a place where you can see our process while shopping. From gluing up our
frames to installing our premium lenses, we want you to experience it all. We want you to see
every process of the 23 that make our eyewear unique.



Our Work/Shop means that we’re close to our product – this makes for quality, quick
adjustments, new concepts and inspiring conversations with our entire team. This also means
that you can look forward to shopping our styles as they come off of the production line
knowing that every single pair of our glasses is made by hand by our amazing team from start
to finish.


Get ready for summer shopping in our new space with sunglasses, apparel and a few other
surprises - visit us soon at 54 Newmarket Street, Woodstock and stay tuned to our 'gram for updates!

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