Ballo tree planting with GreenPop

Plant trees- we do.

There are few better things we can do for this planet than plant trees. So we have pledged to do more of this with our Tree Planting Partners, GreenPop.


In 2013 Ballo started planting trees as a way of giving back to mother nature. Earlier this year humans and oceans caught our attention. Which resulted in us getting behind other causes: rural African women (Mabel Feminine Hygiene) and helping to clean up our oceans (Beach Co-Op).


In light of recent atrocities in our planet's lungs (Amazonia), we are taking this pledge again- For every pair of sunglasses we sell, we will plant one tree or Spekboom (aka Portulacaria afra). Our Tree Planting partner 


To mark this return to team tree, we have played with the shapes of the "ballo" text logo and made a tree logo. We will also make a range of TreeShirts to raise funds for the forests.

ballo tree

And then when we plant a lot of trees, we'll make a forest.

Ballo forest

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