November 27, 2019 1 min read

1. don't buy- reuse, regiftor if you do buy 
2. buy local

Recently I've seen a lot of great lists of ways to lower your carbon footprint. A lot of great initiatives displacing old dirty industry with new cleaner industry (and I suppose that exactly what we are trying to do at Ballo). 

The fact is that there's enough stuff out there so please don't buy more more more. 

If you are gonna buy, which you probably will on Black Friday or in the next lead up Christmas, the best thing you can do is buy local. This is why:

The 50,000 tankers in the oceans produce 3x amount of green house gasses than all the cars on the planet... So that cheap pair of jean's fabric was made in india, dyed in Indonesia, buttons come from China and was sewed together in Bangladesh then sold in Europe or the USA has cost you next to nothing, but has cost the planet a bucket load of carbon in the atmosphere...